The Sports Museum of Los Angeles Comprises 30 Galleries
Celebrating the History and Development of Sports

1. History of Baseball Cards
2. History of Tennis and Golf
3. Gallery of Vintage Bicycles
4. Charles Conlon Baseball Photographs
     - The Golden Age of Baseball
5. The Game Room
6. The Polo Grounds and the Early New York Giants
7. Baseball in Brooklyn - The Early Days
8. The Boys of Summer - The Dodgers
    1955 Championship Year

9. Memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers
10. The Los Angeles Dodgers
11. The Early Days of College Football
12. How Pro Football Began
13. The Quarterbacks
14. The Los Angeles Rams
15. Gallery of Baseball Uniforms
16. Gallery of Baseball Gloves
17. Gallery of Baseballs
18. Gallery of Catchers Equipment
19. How Baseball Began - The Myth of       Cooperstown
20. The History of Baseball Stadiums
21. The Boston Red Sox
22. Babe Ruth Early Years
23. Joe DiMaggio Gallery
24. Babe Ruth and the Yankees
25. The Lou Gehrig Gallery
26. The Roger Maris and Mickey
      Mantle Gallery
27. How Basketball Began
28. Early Days of Basketball
29. The Great Centers of the NBA
30. Gallery of the Great Baseball